Technical Services

Technical Services


Sma Makina,technical staff of experts speaking foreign languages, fully equipped service vehicles and always ready stock of spare parts allows customers to domestic their center or customer / in the address abroad 7 days 24 hours offers.

Customers, our company has adopted the principle of transportation is the fastest and quality service in the country need the technical staff has been equipped with all kinds of vocational training and outside the home, so that technical problems are resolving quickly and safely.


Setup And Installation

Setup And Installation

SMA machines, motors and generators dismantling of the installation, perform the installation and feasibility studies quickly and reliably.

Fiziblit studies conducted and dismantling of all equipment before beginning the installation and assembly of the engine performed with special solvents washed and dried. Measurement equipment manufacturers made of washed carefully considering the technical value that is revealed. Measuring the appropriateness of having seen, after the parts installed and the wiring needs to be changed and change setup and installation is carried out smoothly.




Engine and generator made by SMA Machine manufacturers revision is carried out according to the technical value of the company’s guaranteed to be announced
is maintained.

All parts disassembled, washed, made measurements and controls necessary parts replaced after engine yapılı the end of last revision controls

ardındanmüşter engine controls are subject to the supervision of the load test, making ready for delivery or collection shipped with detailed reports.

The feasibility study was carried out and all equipment before beginning the installation and assembly of the engine is washed with a special solvent removal was performed and kurutulur.yıkan the

equipment manufacturers of measurements made carefully considering the technical values that have been found to explain the measurement of compliance, backup needs to be changed

After the changed parts installed and the wiring installation and assembly is gerçektiril smoothly.


Periodic Maintenance


SMA machine, the best precautions against unexpected incidental to the clientele offers affordable maintenance packages.

Periodic maintenance will extend the life of equipment, efficient work done by users sağlar.günlük suitable while as the first day and weekly maintenance, monthly

We gerekmektedir.periyo done by a qualified technician found in the controls in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance frequency devices they

environment, working conditions and can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Periodic maintenance contracts for the remaining failures in coverage and care, as also of charge our customers, our priority is given to service these customers and used spare parts are available more cheaply.


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