Technical Reporting Services

Technical Reporting Services

Diesel engine is an internal combustion engine type. A more specific definitions, a gas containing diesel engine of oxygen (normally atmospheric air) is compressed to high pressure and sprayed into to achieve a temperature and cylinder fuel of an engine operating with so-ignition and explosion principle. Therefore, unlike a gasoline engine to generate the spark for ignition, and fuel-oxygen mixture is not needed carburetor.

1892’s German engineer Rudolf Diesel and later found by February 23, 1893′ t a patented process known as the diesel cycle. The inventor of the engine, having large coal Germany’s coal-fired to reduce dependence on oil has aimed to build a motor. However, the ash coal dust engendered major problems resulting from combustion, then are designed to use different fuel in the engine. Indeed, Rudolf Diesel, the presentation of the motor World’s Fair in 1900’s, the peanut oil as fuel (biodiesel) was made using.

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