PT Fuel Systems

PT Fuel Systems

Cummins is not in the Rack in the fuel system. Instead Rack pressure “Rail Pressure” is. Classic toothed racks instead of the amount of thrust, the amount of flow of fuel under pressure has the effect of time setting. Therefore Cummins PT fuel system (Pressure / time = pressure / time) is called the fuel system. name, the Cummins fuel system, two main variables that affect the amount of fuel that will be sent to the injectors, pressure and time variables in, gets. P is the pressure of fuel sent to the entrance of the injectors; is set by the fuel pump. T, the flow time of the fuel sent to the injectors, refers to the time indicating how long it will continue to flow. This time is controlled by the speed of the motor through the camshaft and fuel injection mechanism.

The amount of fuel to be injected (volume) of fuel pressure, the fuel under pressure, and flow time depend on the cross section of the channel through which the fuel. This channel-gallery-fuel manifold and so on. Kramayercommo common is rail. Rack and the Bosch system (rackrail) system in the Cummins Rack and pressure (rackrail pressure) is common..

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