Wednesday March 30th, 2016

Sync Generator and Design Works

SMA Machine Generator , using the synchronization system is to provide an alternative solution to energy projects. for your needs in high kVA, the system was created by combining multiple generators; Compared to a single generator it has significant advantages for the same power. Especially SMA machine designed by engineers generator synchronization panels, offers an integrated solution to customers with the technology used.
Generators multiple sync generator by technical expertise to produce energy in large power, global resources, and using manufacturing methods that can work for every possible scenario, have developed a low-cost system and demonstrated the difference.
system established by synchronizing the small power generator sets; It provides advantages over using a single generator having the largest power.
These are, respectively,
– Lower costs,
– Cost comparisons
– Low initial investment budget,
– Flexible use,
– Reliable system
– Ease of service and maintenance,
– Easy delivery and spare parts supply.


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