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Generator How does it work?

The kinetic energy (kinetic energy) is called a generator to convert the vehicle into electric energy. Generators also operate on the principle of electro-magnetic forces as in the formation of the electric motor.

The electric motors are returned if an electric current passed through the wire frame wire frame within a magnetic field. So the electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy.

Generators in, consists of wire frame wire, if the current rotated in a magnetic field. That kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy.

There are two types of generators, including direct current and alternating current generator generator.

a) Alternatives (alternating) current and alternating current generators:

1. Alternative (alternating) current:
Continuously changing the direction and magnitude of current is called alternating current or alternating current. It is shown with alternating current AC letters.
The alternating current;
The direction and size changes constantly.
Some vehicles with (rectifier and diodes) can be converted to direct current.
Passed through the wire heats.
Produced by alternating current generators.

2. Alternative (alternating) current generators (alternators):
The means used to generate alternating current is called alternating current generator or alternator.
Alternators, as the electric motor is located within the magnetic field of a magnet and a wire frame rotatable. This is called a coil or wire frame armature. Both ends of the wire frame two metal ring (ring) is optional. This is called the collector or collector metal ring or commutator. Touch the collectors (and the current is taken) conductive (metal) is called the strip brush.
Wire frame (= armature coil) is continuously rotated in a magnetic field, the number of magnetic field lines of the induced current in the wire frame as the constantly changing. In this way, the direction and magnitude of the wire frame consists of a continuously variable current. This current is alternating current.
Formed of alternating current;
When the magnetic field lines perpendicular to the wire frame, the number of magnetic field lines passing through a wire frame for maximum flow would be greatest (ie maximum) gets the value.
When the wire frame line parallel to the magnetic field strength, magnetic field lines can not pass current to the wire frame is zero.
If the rotated wire frame 1 time (if the full cycle) 2 times the current changes direction.
Wire frame according to the first state;
If the current return 900 maximum (max) happens.
Back in 1800 when the current is zero.
Back in 2700, if current in the opposite direction maximum (max) happens.
If the 3600 return flow is zero.

b) Direct Current and Direct Current Generators:

1 DC:
The direction and magnitude of the time-invariant (+) and (-) poles are fixed (certain) that current to direct current. DC Direct current is indicated by letters.
The direct current;
The direction and magnitude of change over time.
(+) And (-) poles are fixed.
Passed through the wire heats.
Direct current produced by the generator or an alternating current obtained by the rectification means called (in rectifier diodes pass current has one direction).

2. Direct Current Generators (Dynamos):
The tools used to produce direct current to direct current generator or dynamo called.
API similar to the direct current generators and alternating current generator efforts. The only difference from the alternator, as is the presence of two collectors at the ends of the wire frame instead of two metal bracelet bracelet half.
Wire frame of direct current generator (= armature coil) is rotated in a magnetic field, the number of the magnetic field lines the inside of the wire frame as in alternating current generator is formed in a flow direction will change constantly. The resulting current, half rings (collector) is transmitted through the brushes and the direction of constant direct current is obtained.

1. Dinamo flow occurs in one direction when the wire frame is rotated. Wire frame
If you continue to be rotated in the opposite direction made it destroys the first flow stream. Frame consists of corner flow in the same direction again after a short period of time.
2- direct current through the rectifier for being generally difficult to produce and expensive to obtain the alternating current.

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