Cummins Generator Failure & Maintenance

Cummins Generator Failure & Maintenance

What is a generator?
Machine that converts any type of energy into electrical energy. These devices are machines that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, batteries that convert chemical energy into electrical energy, light energy into electricity converting photoelectric cells, thermoelectric generators which convert heat energy into electrical energy are included. Dynamo-called electromagnetic coil generator is moved to cut lines in the magnetic field induction. Electrostatic generator (Van de Graaf generator, Wimshurst machine) mechanical energy, divided into equal and opposite electrical charge generated by electrostatic induction or friction exerted is edilirjenerat
Generators, from the smallest to the largest plants are manufactured in various sizes and capacities. Alternatively, the alternator that produces alternating current, also for producing direct current, is called direct current generator or dynamo. The result obtained whether the AC (alternating current) that you wish to DC (direct current) source of electrical energy you get is the same. Only a draft of the machine is different. The mechanical energy required to run a generator, water turbines, steam turbines, which is provided with the first movement apparatus for internal combustion engines or gas turbines. Two types that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy are the main machine: alternating current and direct current DC generators AC generators. Most of the electricity currently produced by AC generators and alternators name is given to this instrument. AC, English Alternative Current (AC) initials of the words; The Dieckt DC Current (DC) is used under the initials of the words. Alternator, machines, also called synchronous generators, almost all steam

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    Spare Parts Sales

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    SCADA Based Complex

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